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The Trudoor range complements our office partitioning systems and comprises a wide range of finishes and sizes. Doors can be specified to include vision apertures in a variety of shapes precision cut with a CNC router for superb accuracy.

It is also possible to accommodate simple bespoke logos machined from solid timber and recessed into the door face.
We also supply many types and styles of door furniture and ironmongery to add the perfect finishing touch.

Range Features

TruDoors are available in the following finishes in natural wood veneers:

• Sapele • Light Oak • Ash
• Maple • Steamed Beech • Koto
• American Cherry • Anegre • Paint Grade

Further options are available with a range of facsimile woodgrain finishes that give greater uniformity of appearance than natural wood veneers, these are held in a limited range of popular sizes.

Doors are available as cellular core in 44mm thickness, or solid core 44mm thick to provide 30 minutes fire resistance and 54mm to provide 60 minutes fire resistance both subject to installation requirements.

There is also a range of 'Fast Fit' doors, pre-morticed for a standard lock and 2 standard hinges in a universal un-handed configuration for ease of installation in Excel, Prima or Symphonyplus doorframes.

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