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Albinroy can supply and fit a wide varity of flooring including the following types.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are an ideal choice as they can give the same look as traditional broadloom carpets but have some significant advantages particularly if you are considering flooring for a room with areas of high daily wear and tear, such as in the commercial sector. They can even add a unique element to your interior design scheme, which may not be achievable with conventional wall-to-wall carpeting.

Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl flooring is ideal for rooms such as cafes, kitchens, and washrooms and other rooms with high daily wear and tear and wear a water resistant floor is required.

Timber Laminate

Composed from multiple layers of processed wood (or even plastic) and topped by a photographic image of wood, this is the most popular substitute for solid wood floors. Laminates not only provide the look of traditional wooden floors for a fraction of the price but they also offer greater durability than ever before, with even better scratch and dent resistance than that of hardwood and vinyl floors.