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Health and safety

Health and Safety


Albinroy Interiors can provide each client with a CD containing a copy of our entire Health & Safety Document, each client will also have a hard copy of the Health and Safety document.

As you are aware the most important part of any project is the safety of the personnel involved. These might be site operatives, a client’s employee’s working in an occupied building or members of the public, who all need to be protected and made fully aware of the dangers of a busy site.

Individual Training Training records are maintained for each member of staff recording their education, training and experience. To ensure that our personnel are fully conversant with all aspects of health and safety, all new employees will undergo an induction. The successful completion of each stage of the induction will be recorded on the employee’s training record and initialled by the training officer.

In addition to the induction training new employees will undergo an individual training program, the content and duration of which will be relative to the complexity of the work they are to perform and degree of their previous experience. At the successful completion of the training program the Managing Director signs the declaration of competency for the individual in their current position.

Should individual development or company wide training be identified as a result of the annual review the training records would be amended accordingly. Site Safety A site specific Health and Safety Plan will be produced for each individual project, together with Risk Assessments, Method Statements and COSHH reports. These documents will be maintained on site and will be issued to the relevant personnel, to be read and discussed to ensure the works are carried out in a safe and correct manner. A copy of these documents will also be kept at our head office.

Because of the training programs we have in place and the experience gained from good practice our sites are safe places of work, not only for the site personnel but also for our customer’s employees and members of the public, who will be faced with a well defined site boundary and clear signage giving precise directions, ensuring that only authorised personnel will be allowed into the work area wearing the correct personal protective equipment.