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Komfort Klassic Office Partitions

Tactile as well as distinctive, Komfort’s veneered Klassic brings charm to any office interior. Its simplicity and efficiency are assured, however, through its uncomplicated method of build, relocatability and excellent performance qualities.

The vast array of veneers, which may in turn be co-ordinated with doors and furniture, makes certain that every workplace provides individuality. Combining elegance with function, Klassic’s appeal is timeless.

In its solid form Klassic is similar in construction to Mirage. Both have several glazing styles including single offset, double glazed, silicone jointed and banded.


One of Klassic’s greatest assets is its performance quality. Tests have achieved 30 minutes fire resistance for both insulation and integrity and 45dB (Rw) sound reduction in solid runs.

To enhance the beauty of Klassic’s natural materials and ensure continuity of finish, all the factory manufactured components are pre-finished in a clear lacquer.

Klassic is part of Komfort’s family of veneered products guaranteeing full integration and, when requested, co-ordination with doors, storagewall and furniture to create an interior where the veneers are in total harmony.

Technical Specs

DIMENSIONS: Up to 3000mm high

FIRE RATINGS: Up to 30/30

ACOUSTICS: Solid - up to 46dB (Rw) / Double Glazed - up to 41dB (Rw)

STRUCTURE: Up to medium duty

WEIGHT: Per m2 (kg): Solid up to 36.5 / Glazed up to 45.5

BLINDS: Yes - integral


Komfort Klassic Office Partitions