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Polar 100

Komfort Polar 100 Office Partitions

Polar 100 provides a fully integrated system that can accommodate single glazed, double glazed and solid elements. 

Single and double glazed formats comprise perimeter framing only, with vertical glass edges abutting a small infill strip.  Visually monolithic solid elevations feature a flush skirting and a recessed head, this head detail being common to all elevations.  The multi-function, single action door frame may be incorporated within glazed or solid runs and can house timber and glass door sets.

Technical Spec

DIMENSIONS: Up to 3000mm

FIRE REATINGS: Contact our technical department

ACOUSTICS: Solid - up to 50dB (Rw) / Double Glazed - up to 48dB (Rw)

STRUCTURE: Up to severe duty


WEIGHT Per m2 (kg): Solid up to 46.08 / Glazed up to 53.85

BLINDS: Yes - integral


Polar 100 Glass Partitions