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Kameo 75

Komfort Kameo 75 Office Partition

Kameo 75 offers the designer soft lines of radiused corners. When it comes to safety Kameo 75 has tremendous acoustic performance and fire protection.

Established, attractive and versatile, Kameo 75 may be introduced as the solution to almost any office interior requirement.

Kameo 75 is a steel stud and plasterboard construction surrounded by an aluminium framework. This framework, together with the finishing trims, may be sprayed in any BS or RAL colour to complement each design.


It is even possible to produce a continuity of style and colour shade throughout a project by attaching the skirting, in either aluminium or plastic secret fix, to the building core walls.

As previously mentioned, performance is a key benefit of both partitioning systems. The current test ratings for fire and sound are 30 minutes and 43 dB (Rw) respectively.

Without doubt its exceptional functionality has made Kameo a popular systems in the UK today.

Techical Spec

DIMENSIONS: Up to 4300mm (solid)


ACOUSTICS: Solid - up to 46dB (Rw) / Double Glazed - up to 41dB (Rw)

STRUCTURE: Up to medium duty

WEIGHT: Per m2 (kg): Solid up to 24.47 / Glazed - up to 41 (Rw)

BLINDS: Yes - Integral



Komfort Kameo 75 Office Partition