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Komfire 100

Komfort Komfire 100 Office Partitions

Komfire 100 is a 100mm double skinned square edge trim system in a steel stud and plasterboard construction with pre-assembled window frames.

Komfire 100 is renowned for its impressive set of
performance credentials and application possibilities.

One partition with countless possibilities.
In spite of its incredible performance qualities,
Komfire 100 +, a double skinned variation can create an ambience that is inviting and appealing. It is the perfect choice for buildings where stringent fire regulations apply.


Technical Specs

DIMENSIONS: Up to 4800mm high (solid double skin)

FIRE RATINGS: Up to 60/60

ACOUSTICS: Solid - up to 52dB (Rw) Double Glazed - up to 41dB (Rw)

STRUCTURE: Up to severe duty

WEIGHT: Per m2 (kg): Solid up to 46.08 Glazed up to 39.04

BLINDS: Yes - integral


Komfort 100 Office Partitioning