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Clarity Partitioning

Office Partitioning

Clarity partitioning framework comprises extruded aluminium profiles of minimal size that are unobtrusive to blend into the surrounding structure.

Two different head channel depths are available to suit both Prima and Symmetry for uniformity of detailing or feature glazed areas within solid walls.

Purpose designed adaptor profiles for the conjunction of Clarity glazing to solid walls permit the transition to be made with ease where the provision of privacy in subdividing walls
is a requirement.

Glass joints can be either traditional silicone or alternatively clear extruded pvc 'dry joints' which allows speedier completion and the ability to relocate.

Features & Benefits

• Minimalist design
• Single or double glazed options
• Unlimited glass manifestation options
• Purity of design and elegant detailing
• Visual freedom of the interior space
• Relocatability by use of clear pvc dry joints

Technical Spec

DIMENSIONS: Maximum Ceiling Height 4.0 Meters


ACOUSTICS: Uncertificated

STRUCTURE: Medium Duty



Clarity Office Partition