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Glass Partitions

Glass / Glazed Office Partitioning


The frameless glazing system which allows the penetration of daylight into the core of a building - a true design statement.


A sophisticated relocatable partitioning system, integrating all your aesthetic, functional and performance requirements into one system.


Ls90 - Synonymous with style, Performance, Versatility and Sustainable.

Single Polar

Polar allows light to flood through the workplace to create an atmosphere of space, yet effectively provides shielded office zones where concentration and creativity may flourish.

Double Polar

The epitome of contemporary partitioning, Double Glazed Polar brings a sensational style to the division of any office space, often enhanced by dramatic glass decoration.

Polar Vision

Polar Vision is one of the latest products to be added to the Polar range of glass partitions. It is dry jointed and constructed without mullion posts to give a seamless style. The system has been tested to achieve 30 mins fire protection for both insulation and integrity.  There is a choice of door options from glass, in an aluminium frame, to timber in a timber frame. Depending on the glass combinations used, Polar Vision can provide up to 48dB (Rw) sound performance.

Polar 100

Polar 100 provides a fully integrated system that can accommodate single glazed, double glazed and solid elements. 


PolarTec is a  dry vertical jointed system with deflection head.  The system is double glazed and provides outstanding performance requirements.  It has been independently tested to provide 30 minutes integrity and insulation for fire resistance; 48dB (Rw) for sound performance and 'Severe' strength to BS5234 for structure.  In additional tests it achieved the necessary standards to meet crowd pressure requirements, so important in public areas such as schools. The deflection head facilitates relocatability, if required.