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Steel Partitioning Systems

Troax Steel Partitioning

Troax:- The ultimate for industry and commerce, providing versatility, security and safety, for a number of storage or partitioning solutions.

System Features

Troax comes in the following types to meet differing industrial and commercial requirements:


A heavy-duty single skin system ideal for creating a secure perimeter for warehouse


An industrial mesh partitioning system ideal for sub-dividing secure storage areas. Suitable for storing high value goods and/or hazardous materials.


a cost-effective modular double skin system suitable for office or factory partitions, offering an attractive appearance for the working environment


Anti collapse pallet rack safety screens – ideal for protecting walkways and pallet rack isles from falling goods.


A modular, demountable single skin system ideal for warehouse and factory applications.


Toledo is a high-quality double skin system designed with a cleanroom environment in mind, although its versatilty allows it to be used in multiple applications.